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Microsoft System Center 2012

Course Fee: 3000INR      Course Duration: Regular- 45 days, Fast Track-30days      Lab Timings: 7am to 9am

Course Introduction

Microsoft System Center 2012 Training


MicroStrategy is a business intelligence (BI), enterprise reporting, and OLAP (on-line analytical processing) software vendor. MicroStrategy’s software allows reporting and analysis of data stored in a relational database, multidimensional database, or flat data file. MicroStrategy describes its core reporting software as having a “ROLAP” or “Relational OLAP” architecture, meaning that a complex relational database can be expressed using a virtual multidimensional cube structure that can be more easily understood by business users who wish to navigate through the data. MicroStrategy has also supported multidimensional MOLAP processing since it released MicroStrategy 7i in 2003.

MicroStrategy 8 offered major enhancements from its predecessor, MicroStrategy 7i. Some of these enhancements included a redesigned web interface, interactive reporting in Report Services, WYSIWYG report design over the web, direct access to SAP BW metadata, and improved reporting by joining heterogeneous databases.

MicroStrategy has several thousand customers including Lowes, McDonalds, U.S. Army, Universal Studios Hollywood, KB Toys, and Many MicroStrategy customers have invested in the development of large scale data warehouses or data marts as part of their business intelligence initiatives.

• MicroStrategy 8 Platform
• MicroStrategy Dynamic Enterprise Dashboards
• MicroStrategy Mobile
• MicroStrategy Integrity Manager
• MicroStrategy Intelligence Server
• MicroStrategy Report Services
• MicroStrategy OLAP Services
• MicroStrategy Web and Web Universal
• MicroStrategy Narrowcast Server
• MicroStrategy Office
• MicroStrategy Desktop
• MicroStrategy Architect
• MicroStrategy Administrator
• MicroStrategy SDK
• MicroStrategy BI Developer Ki