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Microsoft Windows Server 2012

Course Fee: 5000INR      Course Duration: Regular- 45 days, Fast Track-30 days      Lab Timings: 9am to 12pm

Course Introduction

Microsoft Windows Server 2012


1. Introduction to Data warehousing

     Overview of a OLTP/Transactional system
     Forms of Normalization
     Pros/Cons of having an OLTP system in real time reporting.
     Need of a data warehouse.
     Data warehouse layer architecture.
     Designing a warehouse using Star/Snowflake schemas.
     Logical/Physical Models in Erwin 

2. Introduction to Informatica/ETL tools

    The role of ETL tools in data warehousing.
    An introduction to Informatica
    Informatica Architecture
    Components/Process flow

3. Informatica Designer

    Basic Concepts
    Using the designer.
    Working with the Sources-Source Analyzer
    Working with Relational/Flat file targets- Warehouse Designer.
    Defining Keys in Informatica.
    Working with Transformations –Transformation Developer
    Working with Mapplets- Mapplet designer.
    Creating mappings –Mapping Designer.
    Understanding Pipelines in mappings.
    Setting Target Load order.
    Configuring Constraint Based loading.
    Introduction to Mapping Parameters/Variables.
    Implementing Type1, Type2, and Type3 Mappings.
    Loading Fact tables.

4. Working with Transformations

    Active/Passive Transformations
    Caching concepts in Informatica.
    Connected/Unconnected Transformation
    Importance of Source Qualifier.
    Filter, Router
    Sorter, Aggregator
    Stored Procedure
    Sequence generator
    Transaction Control
    Update Strategy
    Xml transformation

5. Creating Workflows

    Understanding the server Architecture
    Working with Workflows
    Working with Tasks Assignment,Command,Decision,Control,Event raise,
    Event Wait,Timer,Email,Session Task
    Working with Work lets
    Working with Sessions
    Understanding Commit Points
    Recovering Data
    Monitoring Work flows
    Log files
    Row Error Logging
    Session parameters
    Parameter files
    Using Incremental Aggregation

6. Real-Time Implementation with Informatica

    Performance Tuning(With Real time Examples).
    Using Incremental Aggregation
    Change Data capture concepts.
    Session parameters and variables.
    Session and Workflow properties Reference.
    Pipeline partitioning.
    Configuring Session caches lookup, Aggregate, Sort, Joiner caches.
    Restart able Tables.
    Reject Capture and Reprocessing.
    Handling Soft\Hard Rejects.
    Loading issues with respect to sources, targets, mappings, sessions, networks.

7.Introduction to SQL constructs

    Review of Basic SQL statements
    Select, Project, Join
    Describing Oracle tables
    Restricting row returns
    Joining Oracle tables
    Outer join
    Hiding joins by creating views
    Exercise – write a subquery
    Correlated subquery
     Non-correlated subqueries
    Advanced SQL operators
    Between operator
    IN and NOT In operators
    EXISTS clause
    Using wildcards in queries (LIKEoperator)
    Aggregation in SQL
    Min and max
    Using the group by clause
    Introduction to Oracle Database
    Oracle Architecture
    Create, Truncate, Drop Oracle tables
    Insert, Update, Delete data in tables
    Loading Oracle tables
    Introduction to Netezza Database
    Netezza Architecture
    Create, Truncate, Drop Netezza tables
    Insert, Update, Delete data in tables
    Loading Netezza tables
    Comparision between Oracle and Netezza


    Basic Unix commands
    Creating Parameter files
    Running Informatica jobs from Unix
    Checking logs