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Deploying a Android

Rize has been working on Android Applications since the start of Android marketplace. We have the capabilities to architect, design and develop android applications with acknowledged expertise. We have a successful track record of developing multiple mobile applications that got published in Android marketplace with significant popularity and reach.

Android is the most popular mobile platform in the world. With the experience we had working on wide range of applications in the web and mobile marketplace; we have nurtured a team of Android developers who will analyze, design, develop, test, publish and market mobile applications across multiple platforms and devices.

Our knowledge and understanding of the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), Linux, Java Programming interface, Java Virtual Machine, API, SQL Lite, Frameworks and our experience of working on diverse platforms and devices will enable us to deliver high quality and result driven mobile applications. Whatever is your requirement, be it development of android powered Games, Shopping apps, Business apps, Geolocation specific apps or Social Networking apps, our Android experts will meet your expectations.

With android powered applications, it’s easy to engage customers to do business with and provide services faster. Android is fast, powerful and easy.

Android Development Services:

Android Application Development.
Android Application Customization.
Android Games Development.
Android Product Development.
Android Application testing.
Android Application marketing.
Android Social network integration.

We will dedicate a team of android developers to work on your projects and provide the necessary support and maintenance. Rize takes ownership of each project we work on and will complete the project on time at reasonable cost.

Training Schedule:

  • Start Date:Coming Soon
  • Training duration:4-5 weeks
  • Training Timings: Weekdays 6 to 8 AM (IST) 4 to 5 hours during Weekends.
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  • Minimum starting salary of around $ 65 to $ 90 per hour
  • Attractive percentage basis
  • H1 filing for qualified candidates
  • Real time scenarios and lab sessions
  • E-verified company to provide OPT (STEM Extension)
  • Mock interviews, FAQs and interview questioners.
  • Resume preparation and mentoring based on the experience.
  • Medical/insurance and all other benefits
  • Preparation for the interviews.
  • Accommodation facility.